Later Stories
Alexander Theroux
May 24, 2022 / 682 pages
ISBN 9780578287621 Paperback / $27.99
ISBN 9780578287577 Hardcover / $34.99

The third volume in Alexander Theroux's triad of short fictions.

Later Stories contains 13 stories by the National Book Award nominated author of the novels Three Wogs (1972), Darconville's Cat (1981), An Adultery (1987), and Laura Warholic (2007), as well as Collected Poems (2015) and other books of non-fiction.

Theroux's stories and fables have appeared in the New York Times, The Boston Globe Magazine, Esquire, Antaeus, Encounter, Massachusetts Review, Paris Review, Boston Monthly, Hardscuffle, Iowa Review, Mississippi Review, Conjunctions, and the Review of Contemporary Fiction.

Rolf Vowels
The Ratmansky Diamonds
An Interview with the Poet Cora Wheatears
The Corot Lecture
Grasso Sovrapesso and the Bent Nail
The Brawn of Diggory Priest
Envenoming Junior
Revelation Hall
Madonna Pica
The Missing Ange
The Nemesis of Jawdat Dub
A Note on the Type


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