A More Goodly Country: A Personal History of America
John Sanford
Introduction by Jack Mearns
April 19, 2023 / 418 pages
ISBN 9798218169176 Paperback / $23.99

"It was, and it is, an unrelenting and accusatory book. No one who values his country can find its charges easy to bear—and yet I value my country, too, and the book was written only to make it better."
— John Sanford, in his preface to the 1982 Black Sparrow reissue of A More Goodly Country

"This is, quite simply, a noble and beautiful book, savage in its interpretation of our heritage, absolute in its integrity, and almost miraculous in its language."
The Tennessean (Nashville, TN), May 5, 1975

"It is a work for all time, a work of love, of wry humor, of devastating criticism. . . . It is a work of poetry, a work of greatness, and while it is almost blatantly subjective it is never subservient to any ideology."
Corvallis Gazette-Times (Corvallis, OR), December 27, 1975

". . . an oozing, raucous treat of a book . . . a sprawling chorus on this country, sparing none of the harsh voices, leaving none of our pimples unpicked."
Los Angeles Times, May 7, 1975

"One day it will be a classic."
York Daily Record (York, PA), December 27, 1975


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