What Are They All Waiting For? Stories, Poems & Essays: 1944–1962
Gil Orlovitz
Compiled by Rick Schober
June 7, 2018 / 274 pages
ISBN 9780692116814 Paperback / $15.99

Anthology of works by Philadelphia-born experimental writer Gil Orlovitz (1918–1973). Includes a short bio of Orlovitz (click here to download PDF) and a bibliography.

"His work is known only to a handful of poetry lovers who read the verse magazines and purchase slender books issued by publishing houses with names like Inferno Press and Hearse Press. He is nonetheless one of the finest — the most versatile — poets now writing in English. Long before the San Francisco Renaissance exploded with public and police clamor and articles in Time, Orlovitz was writing with a Dionysian frenzy combined with perfect control of language that has been equaled by few, if any, of the Beats."
— Chad Walsh, Today's Poets (1964)

"As to Orlovitz, I find him at his best, very good. Certainly his delivery seems original."
— Charles Bukowski (1958)


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