The Wolf Who Swallowed the Sun: A Jungian Fable of Family and Finance Across the Twentieth Century
Donald Newlove
July 1, 2019 / 250 pages
ISBN 9780578512969 Paperback / $14.99

An enthralling and unorthodox dark fable, full of intrigue and comedy, and with a healthy dose of romance and sex. Written in 1998 but never before published, the novel is a sweeping saga of one family's greed, extortion, and double-crossing as they strive to acquire a controlling interest in the world's wealth. It is also the story of Billy Baxter, heir to this massive fortune who, with the help of a married couple of Chinese-Swiss Jungian psychologists (one of whom he has fallen in love with), seeks atonement for his family's sins. As an added twist that only a first-rate storyteller like Newlove could credibly pull off, Baxter also happens to be descendent from an ancient clan of humanoid wolves on the brink of extinction.


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