Those Drinking Days: Myself and Other Writers
Donald Newlove
March 1, 2022 / 184 pages
ISBN 9780578362212 / Paperback / $16.99

"Those Drinking Days is a passionate blend: part autobiography, part confessional, part sketches of famous alcoholic writers and part sermon on the dangers of 'Drunkspeare . . . its bird song and purling ravishment, bliss of self-love.' . . . Like improvisational jazz, the book works because of its looseness. The Newlove sound is robust and swinging, the mark of a man who has discovered that his talent is intoxication enough."
Time Magazine, March 23, 1981

"Newlove's memoir makes The Lost Weekend by Charles Jackson seem like a dull college weekend. It is, quite simply, terrifying, a tale to chill the blood of anyone who's ever hoisted a drink in a bar. It is a book with both literary merit and social value of the most redeeming sort imaginable."
New York Daily News, April 25, 1981


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