Journey Not to End
Paul Herr
December 8, 2021 / 244 pages
ISBN 9780578305677 Paperback / $17.99

New edition of Paul Herr's 1961 novel.

"This is a great and important piece of fiction. . . . You must read it."
—Los Angeles Times

"In this first novel, the author lets loose with a barrage of descriptive writing that marks him as a literary comer. . . . Herr is a master word-manufacturer, a splendid mood writer. We should be hearing more from him."
— Hartford Courant

"I believe that readers of Journey Not to End by Paul Herr are witnessing the emergence of a new writer of considerable stature. . . . Nelson Algren, the aging American rebel, has said of this book, 'If it doesn’t get major attention, something is awfully wrong in the U.S.A.'"
— Los Angeles Mirror

"Mr. Herr's first novel is a good one. His hero is believable, his story exciting and interesting. These two qualities alone get many novels published. But Mr. Herr's novel is better beyond these two qualities. He has written a moving parable of the man of integrity alienated from a world increasingly without integrity."
— St. Louis Dispatch

"Paul Herr could easily become one of the foremost writers of our age, if Journey Not to End is any barometer of his potential as a novelist. . . . Herr's novel displays a raw, naked ego which exerts a rare power when challenged. It is a unique and important book."
— The Ada Evening News

"An exciting piece of literature, this. At times we wondered if it were fiction at all. . . . As a vehicle for ideas, the novel succeeds admirably. It's even good entertainment. We highly recommend it—particularly to those who, to borrow a hackneyed phrase, 'think for themselves.'"
— Cincinnati Enquirer Sun

"A brilliant novel by an extraordinary new writer."
— Greenbelt News Review


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