Son of the Great American Novel

Son of the Great American Novel
James Fritzhand
With a new afterword by the author
2024 / 278 pages

New edition of James Fritzhand's debut 1971 novel.

From the back cover of the 1978 Avon Books paperback edition:

Overnight, the Arden K. Hoffstetter sensation is born when his 3,000-page novel Flush floods the bestseller racks of the land. Longer than Gone with the Wind, wetter than Moby Dick, dirtier than Lolita—the titanic epic Flush springs from his childhood fascination with the destiny of toilet water.

Oversexed beauties kiss the sleep from his eyes, movie moguls make outrageous bids for the rights, Greenwich Village orgies entwine him, and thunderous subways take him to the outskirts of reality—Brooklyn.

With acid-etched parody and dazzling acrobatic wit, Son of the Great American Novel is a blockbuster trip through instant fame, the deli society of the literary elite, and the turbulent soul of a dewy-eyed youth on the threshold of carnal knowledge.


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