A Tale of Five Cities & Other Memoirs
Joyce Elbert
August 16, 2022 / 234 pages
ISBN 9780578392417 Paperback / $18.99

Previously unpublished memoirs of Joyce Elbert (1930–2009), author of 10 novels including the 1969 best-seller, The Crazy Ladies.

"Once you pick up Joyce Elbert's tart and at times shockingly candid memoir, I defy you to put it back down. It's like having a long, boozy, conspiratorial lunch with the most literate of friends. Elbert was definitely of her time—but she spins a pretty good yarn for our time too."
— Eli Attie, TV writer-producer (The West Wing, House, etc.)

"Joyce Elbert's memoirs are entertaining, humorous and candid. She embraces life with a resilience and determination that make her stories and adventures read more like fiction than memoir. She was a talented, erudite author who deserves to be brought back into the spotlight."
— Melissa Beck, book blogger (TThe Book Binder's Daughter)

"Joyce Elbert in her memoirs is very frankly off-hand, casually salacious, bordering on indifferent, often bleakly so, and in that reminds me of the Jean Rhys in After Leaving Mr. McKenzie, Wide Sargasso Sea, and Good Morning, Midnight, choosing to write in the manner of the "Sacred Fount" school, as opposed to the "Ivory Tower," ferreting out experiences, very like Kerouac and the Beats, getting down and dirty, treating drinking and rutting as existential acts."
— Alexander Theroux


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