Collected Plays

Collected Plays
Gregory Corso
Introduction by Rick Schober
January 4, 2021 / 128 pages
ISBN 9780578777016 Paperback / $14.99

Untitled Play (1952, previously unpublished)
Standing on a Streetcorner (1953, published in Evergreen Review in 1962)
Sarpedon (1954, published by Tough Poets Press in 2016)
In This Hung-Up Age (1954, published in Encounter in 1962 and New Directions in Prose and Poetry 18 in 1964)
JFK (1960, previously unpublished)
That Little Black Door on the Left (circa 1968, published in Pardon Me, Sir, But Is My Eye Hurting Your Elbow? in 1968)

Also included is a 4-page introduction with some background info on Corso's plays, publication history, etc.


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