Rain, Venom, Toil
Milo van Orient
January 13, 2023 / 384 pages
ISBN 9798218098964 Paperback / $22.99

The nephew—brash, unapologetic, and lecherous—is in danger of being cut out of his dying uncle's inheritance. To restore his prospects, the nephew travels to Valencia for one night to retrieve a mysterious novella, Latin Omnivore. But the nephew isn't the only one tracking down this book: agents of a censorious sect seek to destroy all copies, fearing it may poison the mind of its readers. The nephew tumbles into a conflict between shadowy organizations, a battle waged in bookstores and at card tables. The nephew must outwit his rivals and prove himself worthy before dawn, or else the book will vanish forever and his fortunes will be doomed.

To be published in a single tête-bêche volume with Latin Omnivore.


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