Latin Omnivore
Naomi Tonlivre
January 13, 2023 / 384 pages
ISBN 9798218098964 Paperback / $22.99

The professor has always preferred to let things play out rather than get involved, be it her failing marriage, her troubled adult children, or college departmental politics. This changes when she's approached by Mitra Leninov, a transfer student from Iran. Leninov presents a strange Latin manuscript, Pluvia, Ostium, Laboribus (Rain, Venom, Toil), that must be translated by none other than the professor herself. But as the professor begins translating the story, chapter by chapter, Leninov vanishes in a swirl of rumor and accusation about who she really is. The professor must decide whether she believes the evidence around her as to the fraudulence of Leninov, or whether to trust the student and learn what deeper truths lurk beneath the surface.

To be published in a single tête-bêche volume with Rain, Venom, Toil.


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