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Incredible Revelations of an Earthworm

Incredible Revelations of an Earthworm
Domício Coutinho
Translated by Clifford E. Landers
Introduction and interview by George Salis

Incredible Revelations of an Earthworm is a Voltairean dive into the timeless stories of creation, from the beginning duality of dark and light to the beliefs and politics of animalkind. Worms and donkeys, sharks and Edenic humans, step right up one and all for a zoological romp with no shortage of irreverence and introspection.

For more information about the author, check out "Ave Canis: A Rare Interview with Domício Coutinho" on The Collidescope. (Deepest thanks to George Salis, volunteer acquisitions specialist, for bringing Coutinho and his novel to my attention and facilitating the connection between author and publisher.)


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