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Lonely Boy Blues

Lonely Boy Blues
Alan Kapelner
June 1, 2019 / 150 pages / $12.99

75th-anniversary edition of Alan Kapelner's proto-Beat novel, out of print for more than 50 years. This edition includes a 1967 interview with the author by Seymour Krim and features Art Sussman's cover art from the 1956 Lion Books paperback edition.

"An altogether remarkable novel: a tough and bitter story of city life told in the spirit, and largely in the rhythm, of the blues. ... Overpoweringly brilliant. Lonely Boy Blues is something different and something to remember."
The Philadelphia Enquirer

"Syncopated prose, a novel of almost brutal realism."
Miami Daily News-Record

"This is an unconventional, hard-hitting story."
The Los Angeles Times

"One seldom encounters in recent novels such terse and photographic realism so successfully projected."
Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Undeniably this is a tour de force."
Hartford Courant

"From the very outset Alan Kapelner grips your attention, and that is due to the virtuosity of his writing."
Saturday Review


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