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Baseball as Metaphysics

Baseball as Metaphysics
Marvin Cohen / Introduction by Jim Bouton
November 15, 2017 / 112 pages / $10.95

New expanded edition of Marvin Cohen’s 1974 Baseball the Beautiful. Includes a later essay that did not appear in the original edition, as well as a new brief introduction by the author.

Reviews of the original edition:

“Probably the most sympathetic book ever written about the game.”
— New York Post

“Cohen approaches baseball as the artist does a great work of art — it contains, for him, the metaphysical, the holy, the myth, that which lives beyond us, love. Seeing baseball as the supreme art, we are drawn into the book, and close to whatever art we are involved in, close to life.”
— Margins

“Cohen’s essays on the sport never become trapped in sentimentality or overblown analysis — as pleasing as a perfect game with two out in the ninth.”
— Penthouse

“Unlike any book on baseball that you have ever read.”
— Arizona Republic


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