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Confessions of a Nowaday Child

First reissue of the 1966 semi-autobiographical second novel by Erje Ayden (1936–2013), the "Turkish beatnik of Greenwich Village," best known for his 1965 cult bestseller The Crazy Green of Second Avenue.
September 15, 2018 / 118 pages / $12.00

"The artlessness of the writing makes the experience of reading Ayden as refreshing and startling as drinking from a natural brook in the center of Manhattan."
— Seymour Krim

"Erje Ayden's novels provide a little-known but fascinating view of American bohemian and bourgeois society from the point of view of a sympathetically bemused Turkish observer. The wonder is that Ayden's not more famous, as he can be as addictive as Simenon or Proust."
— John Ashbery

"Ayden is one of the sexiest writers we have; because of his struggles with acquired language he has a vigor uncommon among our novelists; without the mannerist inclinations of Salinger, Pynchon, Barth, or Updike, he is able to convey the real trouble underneath the bizarre and the banal."
— Frank O'Hara


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